Caravan & Motorhome Detailing

Whether you are planning to head to or coming back from a nice tour around the country or wanting to sell your caravan, you may need to consider a detailing/cleaning service for your caravan which will enhance the inside and outside look and durability of your motor home. We can offer a full interior and exterior detailing service at your home for your convenience.

Marvelous Mobile Auto Detailing uses effective cleaning materials which shall return your caravan to mint condition inside and out and we are fully mobile, visiting your unit at a convenient time and date to suit you

The Full (inside & outside) Detailing package will include the following:

High pressure wash/wax to the exteriors and polishing of windows

Degrease applied underneath caravan/mobile-home if needed (optional)

Cleaning of wheels/alloys & Wet look shine to the tyres

Clean/Sanitising to remove all marks, moss, cobwebs and mildew (interior/exterior)

Clean/Sanitising the walls and ceilings

Dry vacuum all upholstery and all carpets

Steam-clean/shampoo to all upholstery, mattresses and carpets (optional)

Leather cleaning to the chairs and couches (if any)

Upholstery and carpet protection to help last for longer (optional)

Dusting and polishing to all furniture throughout

Clean kitchen work surfaces, microwave, fridge, stove/oven, cupboard fronts/interiors, ect

Clean/Polish all mirrors throughout

Clean/Sanitising of shower, toilet,wash basin, bathroom floor ect

Floor rejuvenated and protected (optional)

Wax & Buff applied to complete outside (for UV protection, Shine & durability)

Cleaning of Awning to remove stains/mildew/mould ect (optional)

Sealing/rejuvenating of awning (optional)

Interior Deodorised

* For the cost of this complete full detailing package is $350 - $465

Outside Detailing

Cost Ranging from $80 to $220


* Please contact us to arrange for an   assessment (no call out fee)

Interior Detailing

Cost Ranging from $125 - $285


* Please contact us to arrange for an assessment (no call out fee)

Polish & Waxing

Service 1 (wash/dry Wax application)                 $110

Service 2 (wash/dry Polish application)             $155
Service 3 (wash/dry Polish & Wax application  $255

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