Small Aviation Detailing
Cabin Detailing
Cockpit Cleaning


For the comfort of your passengers we polish windows, tidy seatbelts, vacuum carpets, wipe overhead lockers and deodorize the cabin. Should you require a complete interior overhaul, we can detail and clean roof and wall linings, floor coverings, galley, toilet and entry areas.



Areas of heavy traffic, food spills and stains can leave carpets looking worn and tired.

Our extraction service will restore carpet appearance and pile, eliminate odours and help to prevent carpet rot, which is common in the tropics. We can also repair or replace carpets upon request.



Sweaty legs, bacteria, sunscreen, wet carpets and air sickness can lead to passenger discomfort and unpleasant cabin smells.

We do not mask nasty odours - we eliminate them!



Residues from sweaty legs, body fat and food can build up and stain leather, vinyl, sheepskin, fabric seats and seat belts.

At Australian Aviation Detailers, we are able to remove stubborn stains on site with our mobile shampoo unit.


This delicate area requires specialised care. We use tools that are dust-repellent and anti-static but gentle enough to give the cockpit a new shine and fresh appearance.

Exterior Paint Protection


Aircraft are expensive to paint, therefore you need to protect the paintwork against the harsh elements such as UV rays, oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings, fallout, exhaust-stained surfaces and fuel stains. Polishing an aircraft at least twice a year is one of the best things an owner can do to protect their aircraft.


Our skilled hands and polishing service use only premium products that will not only protect your paintwork but also restore the aircraft surface and ultimately protect the value of your investment. We offer a full range of cleaning and polishing services to suit you and your budget.


Australian Aviation Detailers offer a Permagard protection program for your investment, including the ongoing Permagard Wash Treatment.

Most protectants on the market today offer only some or a limited amount of protection from the elements, and most will not last or retain their look, even after 6 months of application. Permagard's high gloss environmental protection barrier, formulated from patented biodegradable components, continuously neutralise and repel airborne contaminants which can stain and etch into the paint surface.


Having a routine clean and dress of your aircraft's leather every 4 to 6 months will help protect it against the drying effects of air-conditioning and sunlight where the leather can become hard and brittle. Our rehydration and conditioning treatment will help the leather to retain its classic appearance for longer, which will help to keep it soft and flexible and retain the re-sale value of your investment.

The photo (botton right) shows where body fat, perspiration and bacteria have been removed from the seat on the left.

This extraction service is followed with a conditioning treatment that restores the suppleness and texture of the leather hide.

Leather Protection


Spinners, intake heaters, leading wing, fin and tail edges can become dull and tarnished from the harsh effects of heat.

This service complements the airframe washing and polishing service we provide, restoring shine and protecting these areas from further discoloration.

Metal Polishing


Australian Aviation Detailers offers comprehensive interior cleaning between flights for client's comfort and convenience.

This service includes polishing of windows, deodorisation of cabin and seat belt placement, cleaning of toilet, table trays, seat pockets, and hard and soft floor coverings.

Bookings are essential and any special requirements you may have are fully catered for.

TurnAround Cleaning


We can remove tar and brake dust from wheels, wheel wells, flaps and underbody.

This is a service that we offer after maintenance of the aircraft has occured where excess grease from serviced wheel bearings has splashed around the undercarriage area.

UnderCarriage Cleaning